Wauwatosa lacrosse met eighth-ranked Catholic Memorial on May 20, coming away with a 15-12 win.

The coaching staff was happy with the team's intensity and team play and fight, as everyone contributed.

Great play came from the faceoff midfielders, Jake Cieszynski and Jack Sullivan. The defense also played well, pressuring out on the opposing attack men and midfielders. The team had 15 goals with 13 assists.

The players moved the ball well, were patient and looked for teammates to find the best shot and battled through a tough defense.

Goals and assists went to: Cameron Rosario (eight goals, one assist), Kevin Maxey (three goals, three assists), Casey Hagaman (one goal, five assists), Brandon Biesack (one goal, two assists), Jake Cieszynski (one goal) and Tom Calhoun (one assist).

Team stats: ground balls (23), shot attempts (31), shots on goal (29), goals (15), assists (13), turnovers (14), takeaways (4).

Tosa also beat West Bend, 17-1, on May 18.

Wauwatosa Blazers

The junior varsity had a mixed final week of the season, with one win and two losses. The team fought hard against Marquette on May 15, with scores from Derrick Bittner, Evan Ryser, Nick Gorr and Ian Kruse, with Braeden Barwick and Jacob Lueck in goal, but lost 11-6.

The Blazers had a big win, 11-2, against West Bend on May 18 with scores from Bittner, Ryser, Tommy Stefanoski, and Taylor Esswein scoring a hat trick. The final regular season game on May 20 was a close battle with Catholic Memorial, with Gorr and Esswein scoring, but Catholic Memorial won out in the fourth quarter.