The 69th annual Wauwatosa Recreation Department Alumni Basketball Tournament came to a close with three games on Dec. 28 at Wauwatosa West High School.

The Greenwill Division featured teams from 1965 through 1988. The championship was a matchup between 1986-88 Wauwatosa West and 1979-81 Wauwatosa West/East. 1986-88 West defeated 1979-81 West/East, 35-24, to win its first Alumni Tournament championship. David Mirsberger led 1986-88 West with 17 points. Other members of the team were Jim Mirsberger, John Zimmer, Bob Arneson, Craig Finger, Jay Schwab, Karl Kleppek, Mark Catalano and Steve Matthai.

The Cartier Division, featured teams from 1990 through 2007. The championship matchup was between 1990-92 Wauwatosa East and 2005-07 Wauwatosa East. The 2005-07 East team defeated 1990-92 East, 68-42, to win its first Alumni Tournament championship. The leading scorer for 2005-07 East was Jeff Donovan with 21 points. Other members of the team were Charles Birts, Casey Sperry, Mercedes Tolbert, Joe Kapp, Zach Buske, Joe Janssen, Justin Verbanac and Freddy Fuentes.

The Beattie Division showcased teams from 2008 through 2016. The championship matchup was between 2008/09 Wauwatosa East and 2015 Wauwatosa East. The 2008/09 East team defeated 2015 East, 78-54, for its third Alumni Tournament championship. The leading scorer for 2008/09 East was Eric Williams with 22 points.  Other members of the team were Michael Cupertino, DJ Cupertino, Jake Helling, Domo Bentley, Keondre Gholston, Brice Powell, Vinnie Ingrilli and Eric Neal.

Semifinal scores:

1979-81 West/East 45 vs 1985 East 30

1986-88 West 39 vs 1986-88 East 33

1990-92 East 33 vs 2003 East 26

2005-07 East 58 vs 2003-04 West 46

2015 East 40 vs 2010-11 West 39

2008-09 East 92 vs 2013 East 75