Letters to the editor of Wauwatosa Now



Youth crime is a too-frequent occurrence

Dear Editor:

Even though the Wauwatosa police did an exemplary job with this series of crimes in our neighborhood ("String of juvenile crime cases sweeps into Wauwatosa," Aug. 18) I take exception with the final paragraph of this article where a police spokesman says "It's not something that occurs on a regular basis."  While the definition of "regular basis" is not precise, it is my belief that five or six (or more) crimes allegedly committed by residents of St. Charles Youth and Family Services during 2016 alone is more than on a regular basis.

Jim Lavold
Wauwatosa resident

Paper exacerbates tensions

Dear Editor,

Given the recent distressing racial discord in the Sherman Park area — as well as the still-unresolved Madison Park issue and subsequent demonstrations in the Mayfair area, I consider it irresponsible journalism for Now to publish, on the front page — under an attention-getting headline — pictures of the young black people associated with recent crimes in Wauwatosa.  It was just one more bit of agitation to exacerbate the growing racial tensions.

Moreover, while the story was an important one, it seems to me that it might have been more appropriate for it to appear on the inside pages, along with the map on which NOW identifies the locations of other criminal activities.

And no, I am not a mere “bleeding heart.”  I am a white educator of more than six decades who has had countless — sometimes admittedly distressing but, more often, gratifying — inter-racial experiences, going back to my teen years, when my father, also an educator, received the first Mayor’s Award for “inter-racial amity.”  I was taught well.

Wauwatosa Now must avoid encouraging more racial animosity.

Barbara Nevers


Education is the answer to the crime problem

Dear Editor:

As many of us have predicted, crime, from Milwaukee, is spreading into Tosa, fast.

The policies of the Milwaukee leaders are letting too many people out of jail for social reasons.  Sheriff David Clarke has told me that only about 5 to 10 percent of gun-wielding criminals end up in jail. They get put back on the streets.  This is reflected in increased car robberies, car jackings, home invasions, burglaries etc.

For senior citizens and women, this is a big problem.

What to do?  Write, call, your political leader and express your disgust at these situations.  Poor families in the inner cities and increasingly problems in Tosa  are the victims.

One way to stop it, long-term, is to get inner city youth educated properly in charter, choice, voucher schools, because MPS is a “national disaster," according to the Obama administration leaders.

Society cannot afford to lose these kids. Leadership in education can solve the problem, money is not the answer.

Already we have increased spending tenfold since 1970 for 40 percent fewer kids, according to Rep.  Rob Hutton’s office, and things are worse.

Only community leadership, involvement solves the problem.

Bob and Jean Dohnal


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