Lincoln Elementary

Second-graders are writing informational texts covering a wide variety of interesting topics. They started by studying mentor texts, which they used to conduct an investigation to identify the features of nonfiction found in published books. They will include some of those features in their books. They “tried on” their topics by listing the possible chapters they could include, and then selected special paper to help them organize the information for each chapter. They have writing conferences with friends and teachers to help them revise and edit their writing.

Eisenhower Elementary

The fifth-graders at Eisenhower Elementary are constructing a reasonable-scale representation 3-D models of the solar system. Students have demonstrated their understanding of the relationship between the sun and the planets, as well as why planets have a specific trajectory around the sun. They have planned and designed their models with their groups using a wide range of materials.

St. Joseph Catholic School

St. Joseph’s sixth-grade science students got to reinforce their understanding of food webs with a two-day, hands-on dissection of owl pellets. Food webs are an important conceptual tool for understanding the feeding relationships among species within a community, revealing species interactions and community structure, and understanding the dynamics of energy transfer in an ecosystem. This activity allowed them to see and identify the different types of organisms in an owl's diet.

Wauwatosa Catholic

At the school’s third quarter awards program, 40 academic awards were presented to students from grades 5 through 8. Twenty students received an award for achieving Honor Roll grades; 11 students received an award for High Honors — having a grade point average from 3.5 to 3.99; and nine students received an award for achieving all A’s in the third quarter.

Wauwatosa Virtual Academy

Wauwatosa Virtual Academy is a free alternative to the traditional middle and high school experience. By implementing advanced technology and building a flexible, online curriculum, Wauwatosa Virtual Academy reduces the school experience to its most effective form. Wauwatosa Virtual Academy is open for enrollment for the 2017-18 school year through the end of April, welcoming students in grades 6-12 from all areas of Wisconsin.

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