Why is there a fire hydrant on Menomonee River Parkway at the base of Kenyon Avenue?

Issue: A reader wondered about the hydrant that is situated near the road between a set of stairs leading down from the dead-ended Kenyon Avenue and two soccer fields across the street in Hoyt Park.

Status: The hydrant is one of several hydrants placed along the parkway in both directions. Assistant Wauwatosa Fire Chief Jim Case said the hydrant actually belongs to Milwaukee County, although the city has access to it.

There may be several factors that would require its use, Case said.

“It could be used for a vehicle fire, a grass fire or some other purpose inside the park near that location,” he said.

In checking the hydrant location, Ask Now noted the existence of another hydrant located at the top of the stairs and at the dead end of Kenyon Avenue, a fair distance from Menomonee River Parkway and Hoyt Park.

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