Lincoln Elementary

The third-grade classrooms at Lincoln School are now flexible learning environments. The old desks have been moved into storage and have been replaced with tables that have white board tops with Hokki stools and stationary stools for seating, low-to-the-ground tables with cushions as seats, bean bag chairs for sitting on the carpet, and higher stools for sitting by science-height tables. All of these changes allow the third-graders to choose where they want to sit (or even stand) so they can do their best learning throughout the day.

McKinley Elementary

Third-graders at McKinley Elementary will be working on and presenting their cultural project presentations. Each child researched a country and will have a choice on how to present that country to the class. Options include a PowerPoint presentation, a brochure, a poster or a good old-fashioned essay.

Our Redeemer

Options for Early Childhood programming expansion are occurring at Our Redeemer Lutheran School.  For the 2017-18 school year, 3K, 4K and 5K will all be offered as AM-only or full-day programming.  Call the school office for details at 414-258-4588.

Roosevelt Elementary

Roosevelt is participating in the Wauwatosa School District Elementary Art Exhibit April 4 to May 2. The art exhibit is located in the Children’s section at the Wauwatosa Public Library. Wauwatosa’s elementary schools love this opportunity to showcase student artwork. About 100 pieces of art are on display from each school. Artwork will be on display through Tuesday, May 2. Don’t forget your camera to get some good ideas for summer art projects. The library is located at 7635 W. North Ave. in Wauwatosa.

Underwood Elementary

This month in fifth grade, we will be working on determining the theme of a story, drama or poem from details in the text, including how characters in a story or drama respond to challenges. Students will continue summarizing texts and determining two or more main ideas of a text. We will look at the overall structure of events, ideas, concepts and information in two or more texts as we compare and contrast various pieces. We also have two field trips to look forward to in the month of April. First we will head to the Miller Park Weather Day game on April 6 to support studies in science regarding weather. Then we will be looking forward to seeing the movie “Wonder” to support our reading and love of literature in the classroom. It is a busy time in fifth grade. As we are getting closer to the end of the year and preparing for middle school, students will also visit Whitman Middle School at the beginning of May.

Washington Elementary

Spanish Unit Five is called La vida saludable (“A Healthy Life”). In fifth grade we are exploring and comparing cultural norms for kids in the United States and kids from Argentina. In the fourth grade our focus includes three mini-units surrounding healthy habits: clothing/weather, nutrition and social/emotional health. The third grade is focusing on what students can do when they are not feeling healthy and well and making preferences about solutions that could best help their problem. Second-graders are learning how to express food and drink preferences while in a restaurant. Finally, first-graders are learning words for foods, activities and expressing preferences in Spanish.

Wauwatosa Catholic

Our seventh- and eighth-grade Spanish students are reading the play “Estudio en blanco y negro” by Cuban-born playwright Virgilio Pinera. Many of his works are part of the theater of the absurd, which pushes us to our limits and makes us see common things in a new way. Some students have been reading the roles out loud for the class. They are certainly courageous (the Learner Profile word of the month) by putting themselves out for all students to observe. Sixth-grade students will soon begin reading a beloved children’s book in Spanish.

Wauwatosa STEM

Our WSTEM fourth- and fifth-graders headed to the Capitol building in Madison this past week. They were able to take a tour of the Capitol and also traveled to a building on campus to learn more from scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. What a great way to incorporate hands-on learning.

Wilson Elementary

Our next K-Kids project at Wilson and WSTEM is a collection of cat and dog toys, as well as money, to be donated to the Wisconsin Humane Society. This fundraiser will start April 3 and end April 11. Additionally, students are encouraged to bring in pictures of their own pets or dream pets to display on our bulletin board.

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