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What is the history of the large concrete frog statue near the Wisconsin Lutheran College stadium?

Issue: A woman asked that question after seeing the frog on her walks on Underwood Parkway. The statue is inside a secure fence next to Gate 5 of Raabe Stadium.

Status: Apparently, it’s not easy being green. The poor creature — somewhat faded and frayed around the edges — has not aged well since being moved from the Milwaukee Children’s Zoo about two decades ago.

The frog wound up at its current site, once the property owned by the Milwaukee County, well before Wisconsin Lutheran acquired the land. The zoo once used the area for storage and other purposes, including composting elephant dung.

The frog was one of a set of four statues that were displaced because of a remodeling or construction project more than 20 years ago. Two of the frog’s companions, an elephant and a cow, were movednot  far away and were recovered. They currently reside back at the zoo’s children’s venue. A sea lion, portrayed balancing a ball on its nose, was never found.

The frog’s future is in doubt. Working with the cooperation of college staff, zoo horticulturalist Noah Huber said he has attempted without success to move the heavy statue twice, most recently last September.

"It’s just too heavy and it is coming apart,” Huber said. “It’s broken my heart twice.” He noted he would welcome help from anyone with expertise in transporting and restoring the frog so it can return to its original home.

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