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Are those benches in the village placed too close to the street?

Issue: A reader observed a bench that had been damaged by what appears to be a vehicle that backed into it on Harwood Avenue.

“It appears this will happen repeatedly since vehicles are supposed to back into those stalls now,” the reader wrote. “It poses a safety risk (because the benches are placed so close to the curb that anyone sitting on them might also be injured).”

Status: Assistant City Engineer Mike Steiner said the bench in question had not been placed correctly, noting that benches were to be bolted down off the curb between marked vehicle stalls.

“They were placed in an area (somewhat close to the curb where there are other elements such as plantings) that allows for a wide sidewalk path,” Steiner said. He said the benches placed on sloping streets such as Harwood Avenue were done so people can sit as comfortably as possible, despite the incline.

Steiner also said the city is evaluating each element of village improvements and will tweak them as needed.

“It’s a process we are working through,” he said.

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