Madison Elementary

Kindergartners have been working hard this week. In math, we have been focusing on solving number story problems. Students have been using manipulatives and ten frames to show their work. In reading, students have been working on finding the main idea in the text. They’ve been working really hard digging deeper in the text and seeing what the text is mostly about and seeing the connections between the details or events. Overall, we are so excited to see their progress in school.

McKinley Elementary

To increase awareness of and support for our students with Down syndrome, McKinley is hosting a presentation by the Down Syndrome Association of Wisconsin called Peer Sensitivity. Each second-grade classroom will learn more facts, clear up some myths, and have a chance to ask their own questions about the disability. This is McKinley's third year working in partnership with DSAW. To support Down syndrome awareness as a whole school, students and staff will be wearing “Lots of Socks” on March 21 in recognition of World Down Syndrome Day 2017.

Roosevelt Elementary

The Junior Kindergarten classes had a visit from "Miss Kim's Amazing Animals." This supported our Treasures Unit "Animals Around Us." Miss Kim was able to provide some real-life examples of animals for the children to see, learn about, touch and hold. Some animals included a chinchilla, rabbit, gecko, snake, bearded dragon, tortoise and hedgehog. This visit helped provide a common learning experience for all students. Seeing real animals helped to make the curriculum come alive.

St. Joseph Catholic

Last week, our fourth- and fifth-grade students attended BizTown, sponsored by Junior Achievement and Kohl’s. While at BizTown, the students assume the roles of employees and shoppers at one of 15 businesses. Participants receive paychecks, open bank accounts, deposit their checks, and choose how to spend their income through BizTown cash, check or debit cards at businesses where they can purchase real products. They also had to run the business and perform work-related tasks such as price products, serve customers, clean, take out a loan for the business, deposit money made, and other jobs involved in running a successful business.

This interactive, project-based program not only teaches students how to manage their own personal finances and the importance of becoming a successful professional, but it also empowers them to take responsibility for their professional and educational futures.

Washington Elementary

Do you have an opinion about something? Well, our students here at Washington have many of them and they are refining their skills and writing about them in meaningful ways. Maybe it's convincing a teacher that there should be more math (or reading) during the day, or detailing the reasons for reading one of his or her favorite books. Whatever the case, we are proud of our students for the hard work and dedication that they are investing in their writing. Stop on by and see if you're convinced.

Wauwatosa Catholic

The fifth-grade class at WCS is gearing up for their PYP Exhibition. This year we will be collaborating with the Strothoff International School near Frankfurt, Germany, as well as schools in five other countries. The mission of this collaboration is to exhibit the achievability of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in a video that captures authentic student action and collaboration, campaigns for the causes of the UN and the IB, and further inspires others to initiate and maintain action.

Wilson Elementary/ Wauwatosa STEM

Wilson and WSTEM enjoyed seeing the production of “Rumpelstiltskin” come to their school for a special performance. It was great to incorporate what students learn during ELA classes into a live-action show. It was also exciting because it featured WSTEM's own Belle Vining as the lead. Congrats on a great performance and thanks to everyone who was involved for sharing your talents with our building.

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