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Did the city change its original concept for the village makeover?

Issue: A reader posed that question based on her observation that closely-spaced lighted pylons seem to be replacing a few large planters from the original concept.

“The design concept was supposed to optimize the look and feel of a small European village, complete with an open plaza where people could gather,” she wrote. “The light the pylons provide isn’t necessary and they probably added to the cost of the project. So why the major design change?"

Status: Planters will be part of the final look and the plaza concept and design will be enhanced as more work is finished in April, said Wauwatosa Assistant City Engineer Mike Steiner.

He said a water feature with a seating area is under construction under the white tent situated on the south side of State Street across from the intersection of Harwood Avenue.

“The only pylons that light up at night are at the crosswalks," Steiner said, noting that the area is curbless between walkway and street. “Once the tent goes away and it all comes together, it will be easier to see the plaza.”

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