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Why did the 7-Eleven close at Bluemound Road and 112th Street?

Issue: Since the end of 2016, Ask Now has received multiple inquiries regarding the store and gas station at 11216 W. Bluemound Road. The building has been boarded up since the last week in December.

“Seems very strange,” wrote one person. “That place was always as busy as you’d expect, being a gas station on Bluemound Road.”

Status: Jim Fiene, the franchisee for the 7-Eleven corporate-owned property which previously was an Open Pantry, said the closure was due to the business not being financially viable. He said he has franchised the store for about a year, but found that not being able to get a beer license was critical.

Fiene is CEO of Midwest Retail Group, LLC, which he said operates 16 7-Eleven stores in Wisconsin.

“I inquired about the license, but was told that I was probably wasting my time, because the city does not grant those licenses to convenient stores, Fiene said.

Wauwatosa City Clerk Carla Ledesma clarified by noting the common council’s apparent unwritten rule of not granting liquor licenses to gas stations.

Fiene said he could not comment further about the future of the property. Officials with the city's Development Department said they had no information regarding any further plans for the site.

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