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Why is there is there such a big dip in the newly reconstructed State Street in the Village?

Issue: Our reader referred to the sudden elevation grade change across State Street near Underwood Avenue, next to The Flower Lady’s corner door, pointing out that it affects eastbound and westbound vehicles.

“How this ‘finished grade’ anomaly wasn’t picked up in the plan review and then allowed to stay in place remains puzzling to me,” they wrote. “Is the city (or its contractor on the job) come spring or summer going to do anything to alleviate the severity of that ‘dip?’”

Status: Ask Now tested the road and confirmed the issue, though it appeared traffic slowed as it approached the area. City Engineer Bill Wehrley said the city knows about the grade issue and will fix it.

Wehrley said the grade change that runs across State Street actually is part of a storm drain trench and its purpose is to catch and divert water before it pools nearby. Wehrley said the trench also acts as a natural bump to help calm traffic, which is consistent with the intent to make the Village work as a pedestrian-friendly area.

“We planned for a slight dip there, but we know that the dip is bigger than we planned,” he said. “We will address it in spring.”

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