A construction crew working on building a new home in the 1700 block of Underwood Avenue in Wauwatosa Friday morning, Jan. 20 found what appears to be part of a human skull and some unknown bone fragments, Wauwatosa police said.

"I imagine it is going to take some time to determine if there's any sort of crime that we are investigating," Wauwatosa Police Lt. Brian Zalewski said. "I would envision it taking quite a while for any determinations to be made."

The Department of Justice and Wauwatosa Police Department were on the scene investigating the site Saturday, Jan. 21. Those on-site declined to comment regarding the progress of the investigation.

The remains are currently in possession of the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner's office. The ME could not be reached at the time of publication of this story.

Tom Persin, the brother of Amy Persin, who is the owner of the property, said contractor Steve Homan told him that recent rains caused a section of a dirt wall to give way. When the crew returned to the site to work on the wall the discovery of the bones took place.

"The workers were preparing plans to install forms for footers when they made the discovery," Tom said. "The bones most likely came from outside the foundation of the house."

Homan said his crew found the remains in the southwest corner of the excavated site. He said the remains were found about three to five feet under the surface and would have been in the backyard of the previous house.

"Our job is shut down," Homan said. "This is one of those things that can go wrong when you are digging a hole for a new house."

Homan is concerned about the state of the job site because a neighbor's driveway is precipitously close to the excavation site.

"It is not good for the neighbor," Homan said. "We definitely want to get the footing up as soon as possible to make it secure."

Amy Persin currently resides in California and received a call from the police early Friday regarding the find.

Since 2012 when she purchased the property, Amy said she has been working toward building a house on the property. The finding of remains is just the latest of many obstacles she has faced in her efforts.

"I have to laugh and keep laughing about it," Amy said. "It seems the universe does not want me to build this house."

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