Eisenhower Elementary

The second-graders at Eisenhower are hard at work as we are learning about text features during our literacy blocks. We are using various non-fiction text to locate, and understand what features are used and how they are helpful to us as readers. We understand that using these text features will help us to be stronger readers, because they explain all the details that the story does not. We are creating our very own biographies with the knowledge we’ve gained about text features. In our stories, we are creating a timeline, bullet points with ideas about us, text boxes, captions with illustrations about us and our activities, graphs from information we’ve collected, maps, diagrams, a glossary, and an index. We are using as much detail as possible and are having fun creating our own stories.

Madison Elementary

Students in third grade at Madison Elementary are doing some exciting things to help them understand the world around them. In Science, they are learning about the humus layer of soil and how it reacts to organic matter. Using sponges, water, and food coloring, they are getting dirty and using their hands to experience the lessons. In Social Studies, they are playing parts in a game to understand how and why immigrants travel to the United States to start a new life. They experience the struggles and complications in the game, then connect it to the real world.

Our Redeemer Lutheran

Kindergarten Open Houses and Classroom Experience Days will be held at Our Redeemer Lutheran, 100th Street and North Avenue, for the next three weeks. Students eligible for the grade levels as noted are invited to attend with their parents from 9 to 10:30 a.m. on any of the Thursdays where age is appropriate for the 2017-18 school year:

STEP UP to 4 Year-old Kindergarten: Thursday, Jan. 19

STEP UP to 5 Year-old Kindergarten: Thursday, Jan. 26

STEP UP to 3 Year-old Kindergarten: Thursday, Feb. 2

Please call the school office to register for this Open House. We would love to have you!

Roosevelt Elementary

On Thursday, Jan. 12, Roosevelt hosted its annual Title 1 Math Night. The evening started with each family member voting in the annual bake-off between Roosevelt’s two Title 1 Math teachers. Then students competed in the Estimation Jar Challenge. Board games were awarded to the winners and runners-up. Next were rotations, which included a board game station, a classroom-game station, and a technology station. At the end of the night, a math activity bag was given to each student, which provided supplies to play the classroom games at home. Many thanks to the Roosevelt PTA who generously donated supplies to make Roosevelt’s Math Night a success.

St. Joseph Catholic

The second-graders invited their fifth-grade buddies to take part in their recent STEM workshop. STEM education integrates concepts that are usually taught as separate subjects in different classes and emphasizes and applies that knowledge to real-life situations. This STEM challenge involved building a spaghetti tower. All teams had the same types of supplies and were given a time limit of 18 minutes to build the tallest free-standing tower. The teams worked very well together as they faced and overcame many challenges. The second- and fifth-graders look forward to more workshops in the future!

Underwood Elementary

The kindergarten students have been quite busy in the classroom. The Treasures reading themes recently revolved around animals we know and how animals change and grow. We've also been focused on high frequency words (words that we focus on so we can both read and write them) as well as recognizing story structure so we can then become secure in both making and confirming predictions and classifying and categorizing, as we read.

Vel R. Phillips Juvenile Justice Center School Program

In partnership with the CEEAS (Center for Educational Excellence in Alternative Settings) and the Next Door Foundation of Milwaukee, students at the Vel R. Phillips Juvenile Justice School Program participated in a project called ‘Sending Some Love.’ Students recorded themselves reading a favorite holiday book. The audio recording was then sent to a family member along with a wrapped copy of the book. More information about the project can be found at:  Information about the Next Door Foundation can be found at

Washington Elementary

The Wisconsin Dairy Council will visit the fourth-grade classrooms on Jan. 20 to give a presentation about “Mapping Out a Healthy Wisconsin.” There are multiple lesson objectives. Students will be reminded that it is important to drink plenty of milk. The types of food grown in Wisconsin will be discussed. Students will be taught the five food groups and how each group keeps the body healthy. Finally, the students will be taught how Wisconsin agriculture impacts Wisconsin’s economy.

Wauwatosa Catholic

As part of our Catholic Schools Week celebration, students at WCS will be participating in three service projects. We will be participating in the 14th annual PB & J challenge sponsored by Feeding America, Pick ‘n Save, and the Milwaukee Bucks. We will be collecting peanut butter and jelly in non-glass jars the whole month of February, beginning with our Spirit Wear Day on Feb. 3. Classes will be competing with each other to see who can raise the most money for the homeless, as they participate in a Penny Wars to Benefit the Homeless. This contest will run Monday Jan. 30 through Thursday, Feb. 2. Finally, the students will be selling Bead for Life — handmade goods made by women from Uganda. The money raised will help educate, ignite potential, and help end poverty. Handmade goods will be sold during our Open House on Sunday, Jan. 29.

West High School

U.S. History classes are holding a gallery walk on the Holocaust with the theme, “Why Remember the Holocaust?” this week. Students will view photos from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and each student will be given a passport of an actual person who was affected by the Holocaust. They will find if their person survived or not as we complete the lesson and then answer the thematic question.

Physics 11 classes built catapults out of Popsicle sticks and launched mini marshmallows for the final exam project using their knowledge of projectiles and gravity.

Wilson & Wauwatosa STEM Elementary

The Wilson & Wauwatosa STEM fourth- and fifth-grade service groups have planned Socks for Tots, a collection of new socks for children. The collection runs from Jan. 17 to Jan. 27. The socks will be donated to the Milwaukee Rescue Mission.

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