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Is the Currie Park Dome going to be rebuilt?

Issue: A reader wondered about the structure which for the past two decades has served as an indoor golf driving range at the park. It was destroyed more than a year ago in a storm.

Status: Another dome is planned to be rebuilt and scheduled to open by November of this year. The Milwaukee County Board is expected to make a final ruling on the plan in March.

The new proposed dome will be 85,000 square feet, decidedly larger than the previous 52,000-square-foot structure. It will be inflatable, but will be better insulated and energy efficient, says Steve Gastrau, who won the bid for the $2.5 million project in mid-2016. He has run Gastrau’s Golf Center in Oak Creek for the past 19 years.

The plan calls for the new dome to be up year-round, serving a number of sports activities, including a golf range (including simulated golf), soccer, kickball, batting cages, and more.

“We expect that it will be rented out for activities during off hours,” Gastrau said.

The facility will include restrooms, a pro shop and a typical sports bar with televisions.

Joe Mrozinski, assistant chief of business development for Milwaukee County, said the dome will operate with no cost to taxpayers.

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