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Are there any plans to fix the Jacobus Park lagoon?

Issue: That question was posed with no further explanation.

Status: Milwaukee County has addressed some of the “fix” issues, though officials said more can be done if funds become available.

Tim Detzer, senior environmental engineer for facilities management in the Milwaukee County Department of Administrative Services, said he was not sure what needed fixing, but noted the lagoon was drained in 2007 to rid it of harmful plant species.

“We would like to do a follow up in 2017 to determine how that is working if the funds were available,” Detzer said.

He also noted that the lagoon exists as a natural park element and that it is not to be used for recreation except for winter ice skating. The county does not mow grass to the water’s edge so that it can be a protection against contamination from geese.

Associated with the lagoon and immediately outside the lagoon at the pavilion, county parks staff have completed several improvements. Over the past year, they replaced a well pump, rebuilt various sections of external stairs, rebuilt the building’s chimney and painted interior walls.

Jill Organ, chief of planning and development, estimated the investment was more than $80,000.

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