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Why are there wooden barriers on North Avenue at Highway 41/45?

Issue: “The wooden barriers in the middle of the road on North Avenue by the 41/45 southbound on-ramp are a real eyesore,” a reader wrote. “Any idea when this area will be cleaned up or closed up with something permanent?”

Status: The barriers were put there to ”help and allow for” a temporary new signaled intersection, said DOT spokesperson Michael Pyritz.

“Right now, it is a temporary configuration though it has been a long-term temporary configuration,” he said.

“The barricades will remain there throughout construction,” Pyritz said. “If there is a lag in the north leg of construction, and we anticipate there will be a lag, then we will work with the city of Wauwatosa to see if they want us to remove the temporary signal and the barricades or if they want them to remain.”

Pyritz said the city has been supportive of the DOT’s efforts regarding the signals and barricades. City Engineer Bill Wehrley confirmed the city’s cooperation and noted there will be a permanent signal configuration at the intersection and the barricades will be replaced with a permanent median once the north leg of the freeway construction is completed.

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