McKinley Elementary

In Physical Education, the students will be working on object control skills by learning the skills needed to play floor hockey. They will learn how to pass, shoot, and handle the puck using their hockey sticks.

Roosevelt Elementary

Our third-, fourth- and fifth-grade classes are participating in the Libro Detective competition again this year. We have completed our first round of the reading program and Roosevelt has an amazing start. Seventeen percent of students have joined the competition completing 24 graphic organizers and reading 956 minutes out loud in Spanish! We are currently in third place for average number of graphic organizers completed and first place for average number of minutes read! The next round ends Jan. 15 so there is plenty of time to read more over winter break.

St. Joseph Catholic

Congratulations to the cast, crew, and volunteers who helped prepare and present the intergenerational play “Be Kind To Your Mother (Earth).” This was a collaborative project between the residents of San Camillo and the students of St. Joseph Catholic School. The multigenerational cast worked together over the last two months preparing for performances held at both San Camillo and SJS. It was a wonderful show! Students and seniors alike enjoyed the opportunity to work together.

Underwood Elementary

One of focuses of the district is to increase the achievement level and growth in reading for all students. At Underwood, we have a whole reading room dedicated to the cause!

Our reading team works together to provide support to students both in the classrooms and support to students out of the classrooms. We continually observe students reading both in and out of the classroom, determining what their needs are and how we can strengthen their reading skills. One program that focuses on decoding long words is called “Rewards” program.

Students learn to break multi-syllable words into parts (prefixes and suffixes), learn the meaning of the prefixes and suffixes, and use that to expand their vocabulary. Another program is called LLI (Leveled Literacy Instruction), that focuses on word identification skills, comprehension, as well as writing.

An example of a book we read is called “The Fun Club Goes to the Aquarium” by Jane Shaffer. Students learned about the experience of visiting an aquarium, what animals and plants can be found in the ocean, as well as jobs for people in an aquarium. Students can then research questions that weren’t answered in the text and explore the topic on the internet.

We continue to use a variety of strategies to strengthen our students’ reading skills and accelerate student learning.

Wauwatosa Catholic

WCS held its Awards Program on Tuesday, Nov. 22.  We honored 22 students for exemplifying the IB Learner Profile Attribute of Communicator. These students showed that they are able to express themselves by writing and/or with pictures and gestures. They are good listeners, good at taking turns, and love to share information. They share some of the Spanish they are learning at home. Students in grades 5-8 were honored for their academic achievement. Thirteen students made the honor roll, 15 received high honors, and 11 students had a 4.0 GPA.

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