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What is the new structure put up on Fire Station No. 51 on Underwood Ave? 

Issue: A reader asked that question, adding, “It was erected a week or two ago. It appears to perhaps be a cell phone tower? If it is, do you know what network owns or leases it?”

Status: The recently erected structure is a cell tower for Verizon. City Attorney Alan Kesner said the city benefits from both a financial and communications infrastructure standpoint.

Under the contract agreement with Verizon, the city receives $30,000 a year for the first five years with a projected increase after that time, Kesner said. He added the city also received an initial $12,000 in support of its wireless system that connects “all of our facilities.”

The arrangement is similar to the 2007 T-Mobile agreement with the Wauwatosa School District to erect a tower near the athletic field at Whitman Middle School.

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