Jefferson Elementary

Reading growth is essential for student success and at Jefferson, we're trying to make that work fun! Fourth-graders are beginning an emphasis on figurative language with a focus on idioms. An important part of comprehension within a text requires that students understand the use of figurative language. In addition to learning what an idiom is, students are reading various books and identifying idioms they find. Once they have identified the idioms in their books, they will determine what each one means. The idiom unit will conclude with “Idiom Dress Up Day” where each student will bring a costume to wear that represents their favorite idiom.

Lincoln Elementary

Fifth grade students designed monuments to remember European explorers. The monuments include human figures or visual symbols that represent the positive and negative impacts of the explorers. In addition, a plaque is included that explains the monument and describes the positive and negative impacts of the explorers on the Americas.

McKinley Elementary

We are ending our unit on earth, sun and moon with a fun experiment. The kids are creating their own solar ovens and will be testing them out with mini s'mores. The kids will record their results in their notebooks and then modify their ovens (if needed) based on the results of each group.

Roosevelt Elementary

Students from Roosevelt Elementary School are just completing the tap portion of Danceworks Mad Hot Ballroom and Tap program. This program stresses respect for self/others and teamwork. Students learn to dance and interact with classmates in a unique situation, learning skills that will last a lifetime. For 11 weeks, 27 fifth-grade students have been meeting twice a week after school. They have been moving to exciting rhythms and learning the Funky, Latin, and Swing dances. They are preparing for performances at the Lutheran Home and at our school Holiday Sing. On the morning of December 17, they will compete against students from 50 area schools at the Bradley Center. This program is free and open to the public. The ballroom portion of the program begins in February.

Underwood Elementary

Over the past trimester, fourth-graders have deepened their understanding of mathematical concepts through work on reasoning, visually representing, and using precise language to explain their thinking. Writing has been embedded across all content areas this year as well. In social studies, students have created multi-faceted media presentations to demonstrate their understanding of Wisconsin's Native Americans. Students have also started a virtual trip to discover the different regions of America! In science, fourth-graders became geologists as they excavated fossils from cookies and plaster. We are now switching gears and students are discovering meteorology through our weather and climate unit. With the wonderful support of parents and other faculty, we strive to promote lifelong learning.

Washington Elementary

In science, third-grade classes are learning about the earth, sun and moon. Students learned more about day/night, seasons and moon phases by visiting the Wauwatosa West Planetarium on Nov. 21.

Wauwatosa Catholic School

WCS sixth- and seventh-grade classes attended Camp Gray for an Environmental Studies Program. This two-day camping experience took place on Nov. 15-16.  While at Camp Gray, the students were able to explore the camp’s 227-acre property while learning about our call to care for our surroundings.

Wauwatosa Montessori

On Monday, Nov. 21, Montessori's Upper Elementary students (grades 4-6) had the opportunity to visit Marquette University to interact, communicate and learn about their global community. Students visited and toured the Chemistry Building, Engineering Building and the Haggerty Museum of Art where they viewed an original Salvador Dali painting. Students also spent time at the Raynor Libraries working in the writing center to share their current writing work with college tutors and to tour the Tolkien Archives.

Wauwatosa STEM

In Spanish class, we have been working on vocabulary related to community helpers and places in our community. Students have been utilizing various centers/games to practice their speaking abilities. Their assessments for this unit will begin next week.

Wilson Elementary

Wilson second-graders are working on drafting friendly letters to their friends and family members. They are learning to write addresses on envelopes, and to include all five parts of a friendly letter. The second graders are very excited to mail these out to their special friends and family just in time for Thanksgiving!

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