Eisenhower Elementary

Through research and inquiry, fourth-graders are learning about people who have taken a stand on an issue to create positive change in our society. Students will complete this project over the coming weeks, and then present their findings to their peers.

Kradwell School

On Nov. 2, Kradwell middle school students attended a field trip to the Latino Arts Inc., located in the United Community Center in Milwaukee.

Spanish teacher, Martha Tinajero, has been teaching her students about the Mexican holiday, Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), to help students understand how diverse cultures have different views about life and death.

The Latino Arts has an annual Day of the Dead exhibit which displays the works of various artists, including local artists. As students walked through the gallery full of exhibits dedicated to those who have departed, they were able to learn about the symbols associated with the celebration of this holiday.

Students also enjoyed an authentic Mexican lunch at Café el Sol, located in the same building. It was an excellent cultural experience for all who attended.

McKinley Elementary

The first grade has been learning about voting. They have been studying the Electoral College versus the popular vote. Putting this into play, they have been voting for indoor versus outdoor recess by using both methods of voting. They then compared it to the outcome of the presidential election.

Roosevelt Elementary

Reading expands the mind, nourishes the imagination, and opens a world of possibility. Last week families enjoyed browsing and purchasing books at the annual Scholastic Book Fair hosted by the PTA. To help cultivate a love of reading and get books in the hands of kids, each student was given a voucher toward the purchase of a new book. Reading for pleasure is a great way to help students see the value of exploring new worlds and new words, and to progress to more challenging books, thus meeting goals of Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts.

SK students at Roosevelt have been learning about transportation in literacy this week. So, we decided to bring that lesson to life with a special visit from a tow truck. They were able to ask questions about what a tow truck does and observe the truck carrying a car. Kindergartners followed up this experience by writing thank you letters to the tow truck company.

St. Joseph Catholic School

St. Joseph Catholic School’s Service Club is working in partnership with the House of Peace, a Catholic charitable program in the central city, on our annual Thanksgiving food drive. School families, parishioners and classrooms are working together to help fill 150 boxes to help provide Thanksgiving meals to those in need.

Underwood Elementary

Two Underwood teachers have just completed distributing classroom book bins that were purchased for all students in our school with money that has been awarded from their EFW Grant, "Join the T.E.A.M - Tolerance, Empathy and Acceptance Matters!" Materials including a variety of multicultural literature and games have been grouped into catchy animal bins by topic (multicultural books about food, family, immigration, countries, world cultures, helping others, historical non-fiction) and by grade level. The book bins will be rotated into different grade levels at various times throughout the year. Teachers can also access the book bins based on the topics that are most closely tied to their work in Treasures or Social Studies. We are excited to see the connections and discussions these books will provide - not only for our teachers, but for our students as well.

Washington Elementary 

First-grade students traveled to the Schlitz Audubon Nature Center on Tuesday, Nov. 15 to learn more about the water cycle. In small groups, the students explored the grounds with a guide to see examples of precipitation, evaporation and how nature responds to differences in water levels.

Wauwatosa Catholic School

Our eighth-grade students definitely spread the holiday spirit! On Tuesday, Nov. 15, the class decorated Wauwatosa Catholic School’s Christmas tree in Community Spirit Park, located in Cathedral Square Park. The trees are an integral part of the Holiday Lights Festival, which runs through Dec. 31. The theme of our tree is “International Peace Tree.” Students from each grade level worked on their ornament during their art class.

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