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Why are the city’s fire stations numbered 51, 52 and 53?

Issue: We recently were asked that question.

Status: That’s a great question,” said Assistant Fire Chief Jim Case. He explained the numbering reflects a recent change in cooperation between area departments that was established within the past three years.

“We used to be 1, 2 and 3,” Case said, noting the numbering includes each station and identifies that station’s engine, truck and med vehicles. Those numbers generally had been used by neighboring communities.

Case said a shared service system in which there needs to be coordination between community resources at an emergency scene required being able to better distinguish them for the purpose of communications.

For example, he said, West Allis stations and equipment are designated with a 6 prefix.

Fire Station 51 is located at 1601 Underwood Ave., Station 52 is at 4187 N. Mayfair Road and Station 53 is at 10525 Watertown Plank Road.

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