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Can we park on St. Jude Court?

Issue: A neighbor who lives on Glenview Avenue asked that question when friends he directed there returned to their vehicles and found no parking notes on them.

“It looks like a Wauwatosa Street, signs and all,” our reader said. “Curious how what looks like a normal road is actually private property.”

Status: St. Jude Court actually is a private, two road driveway with a one way in and one way out configuration. It serves St. Jude the Apostle Church, 734 Glenview Avenue. Gerry Stilp, director of Administrative Services at St. Jude, said the city years ago deeded the roadway to the church. A blue street sign sits at the end of the outbound driveway, visible from Glenview Avenue.

“We are totally responsible for maintaining the street,” Stilp said, noting that the court access and parking serves the church and school as well as a day care and thrift shop.

We know that parking is not allowed anymore on Glenview Avenue,” he said. “If someone in one of the nearby apartment buildings needs overnight parking, we will consider that if they ask us first. We have them put a sign in the car that shows they have registered with us.

“We don’t post signs that restrict parking because we want to be welcoming to those who are visiting us. We are trying to do the right thing for our use while being a good neighbor.”

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