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What is happening on the northeast corner of North Avenue and Highway 45/41?

Issue:A reader asked that, adding, 'They leveled off the top of the hill and now there is construction equipment there.'

Status:The work near the North Avenue entrance ramp to northbound I-41 began on June 23 and includes a lane closure on the ramp to protect workers and equipment while providing safe access to the work area.

Brian DeNeve, a DOT spokesperson, said the work is being completed in preparation for the future north leg of the Zoo Interchange project and will tie into work completed during the Center Street project.

He said the larger project is for the deep storm sewer project.

'This project includes the installation of storm sewer, jacked in place, between North Avenue and Center Street,' DeNeve said. 'Work consists of excavation and shaft installation, tunneling and pipe jacking.'

The project is currently scheduled for completion in mid December.

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