How would rapid transit buses serve the disabled?

Dear Editor:

Regarding the rapid bus transit article in the June 30 issue, Alderwoman Allison Byrne stated the proposed system could help citizens with disabilities. I have several questions:

· If the buses run in the middle of the road, how would a person enter and leave without holding up traffic or taking their life in their hands dodging traffic?

· Are there going to be medians at each stop or will the buses cut off traffic to load and unload at the curb?

· Will the disabled have to drive to one of the stops nearest them to use the rapid bus?

It seems to be less expensive to use the outside lanes, but how will these buses make it faster when they will still have to obey traffic signals and other rules of the road?

Bonnie Lindemann


Swan Furniture responds

to appearance complaint

Dear Editor:

I am completely appalled by your methods of public shaming and the threatening tone in which this article (Ask Now, July 7) was written. As of July 11, we have yet to receive any sort of letter or fine from Wauwatosa. In addition, we have never been contacted by your publication or the city to inquire about what is going on with our building. Considering that Swan Furniture and Interiors has been a pillar of this community for 70 years, I would love to know why we were not contacted before you wrote this unflattering article?

The background is this: Our building has a rubber roof which is exposed to several hours of sun each and every day. Ice and snow in the winter months. The shrinking and expanding of the rubber causes the paint to peel within six months of painting. It has been this way for years. Obviously, no one can afford to paint the building every six months. We are trying to find a solution and we have had several experts in to inform us as to what can be done ... long before your article was written.

At this time, no paint product exists which will adhere consistently to rubber. The flat roof has got to be rubber to protect the building from leakage. As you can see, we are well aware of the situation and did not need to be shamed into handling the problem. Finger-pointing and policing by the community are unfortunate. I would have hoped to have answered these questions face-to-face and in a dignified manner. It will be interesting to see if you post the full story in your newspaper. As a community, we are here to raise one another up ... help each other. Find solutions. Shame on you for doing just the opposite.

Scott Swan

Sarah Steltenpohl


Editor's note: Wauwatosa Now erred in not contacting Swan Furniture about the state of the building. We apologize for the omission.

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