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Will the city ask a village-area business to paint a side of its building?

Issue:A reader asked, 'With so much emphasis on streetscaping and beautification of the Village, I wonder why the city has not asked the owner of the Swan Furniture building to please paint the ugly side of their building.'

The reader added the side of the building in question has been in that condition for several years and called it 'an eyesore.'

Status: Joe Tillman, the city's code enforcement officer, said in late June that he is aware of the building's condition and was sending out a notice to the business owner to have the code violation corrected within approximately 30 days.

The enforcement process, he said, involves a fine structure for noncompliance that runs from $50 up to $400.

'We try to work with property owners who are at least in the process of correcting something in that 30-day time period, Tillman said.

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