Commercial vehicle parking ban is obsolete

Dear Editor:

Seldom does an 'Ask Now' inquiry prompt more than a month of controversy, but we have a winner; it's the 1979 commercial vehicle parking ordinance! I'm going to give my 37ยข worth, which equates to a single penny for each year that this ordinance has actually (officially) been enforced.

Thirty-seven years was a long time ago and Wauwatosa was a different community. I was too busy being a kid (actually almost a high school graduate) but I would guess that in 1979, many families still had one income and the luxury of a stay-at-home mom (or dad). Life was pretty simple and far less crazy then. I'm not really sure what prompted this ordinance; was there a sudden increase of commercial vehicles parking off hours outside a residential property? This question alone sounds snobbish and nitpicky.

I know and respect former alderman Bernie Grimm for his many years of service to Wauwatosa; I consider him a friend. He is certainly an icon of the common council and definitely a 'go-to' resource. Okay, so now the secret's out ...Wauwatosa really does have a commercial vehicle parking ordinance. Do I want to look at an 18-wheel Freightliner or a flatbed of bulldozing equipment parked 'off hours' everyday outside my home? No. Am I fine with my electrician, plumber, travel agent, landscaper, utility worker neighbor parking their commercial vehicle in their driveway after a long day at work? Yes I am! Let's applaud these hard-working, tax-paying, law-abiding 'I wanna live in Wauwatosa' citizens.

Alderman Pantuso doesn't have to waste our hard-earned taxpayer dollars with a 'lengthy process changing the existing ordinance.' I don't think 'bracket creep' (what is that?) will inevitably begin to sneak in. I'm sure the Wauwatosa Police Department will find plenty of things to do than follow up on commercial vehicle violations. It's time to put the secret little commercial vehicle ordinance back to bed.




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