What's going on with the abandoned building at Menomonee River Parkway and Harmonee Avenue?

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Issue:A reader said the brown brick at that northeast corner appears abandoned.

'There is a sign for Sazama construction in front,' he wrote. 'The general appearance of the building is poor and seems so out of character with the rest of the development in the village.'

Status: It looks as if the building will remain in the same condition for the immediate future. Sazama officials did not return several calls, instead sending the following message through a company receptionist: 'We are not ready to discuss the building.'

Paulette Enders, the city's development director, said Sazama's property is part of a larger initiative that is being proposed by prospective Wisconsin developers Horizon and Luther Group. The proposed development includes the Sazama building and properties near the northwest corner of Harmonee and Underwood Avenues, just south of the fire station.

Plans include a mix of residential and commercial development.

Enders said there are several development factors the city is considering, including finances and effect on local residential neighbors and commercial properties in and around the village.

Enders said she does not expect any development to begin before the end of 2016 or early 2017.

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