More study needed

for bus rapid transit

Dear Editor:

I will be unable to attend the meeting of the transportation committee but want to express my opposition to the proposed BRT bus system.

There are many, many reasons to oppose what is being presented at this time, especially since it is being rushed through with little opportunity for public hearing or input. Briefly, my opposition centers around the following:

· Lack of justification. There is no reasoning or explanation as to why routes from the surrounding suburbs of Milwaukee County are not considered in the proposal.

· Duplication of existing service. The Gold Line currently runs on the streets in this proposal. Ridership justification of existing service, service levels (transportation times) have not been presented to document the need.

· Federal money being used. Our country is currently operating at a deficit and has gone into debt in record amounts.

· Local tax impact. At a minimum it has been stated that 20 percent of the cost for this proposal will be borne by Milwaukee County. As a resident paying taxes I am opposed to any increase for such a program that has had little analysis, little public input and no proposed alternatives.

· Traffic and Safety issues. The addition of these massive buses will not improve neighborhood safety on an already crowded Bluemound Road. It is a pipe dream to think any car traffic will be reduced.

· Infrastructure spending. The proposal calls for construction and maintenance of stations all along the route. I have found no documented detail of the cost or design. In the past, bus shelters have turned into eyesores.

· Traffic volumes. There are data shortfalls in the consultant information. For example, at this time the only available traffic volumes are Average Annual Daily Traffic volumes from the DOT. The range of volumes in this data is so broad it is virtually useless in decision making. Why haven't daily or weekly volume counts been made?

· Performance and operations. The corridor level of service is determined by the level of service of the signalized intersections. Calculating the level of service requires intersection turning movement counts. Since counts are not available at this time, the ratings for the proposed roadways were determined by a panel of engineers. Why aren't needed traffic counts done?

This project has been hastily put together, is not well thought out, is not considering other routes and should not be approved at this time. I am not opposed to mass transit, but I am opposed to this particular proposal. Please turn it down at this time.

John T. Randall


Bus rapid transit would duplicate current service

Dear Editor,

I will not be able to attend the transportation committee meeting regarding the Bus Rapid Transit proposal but want to go on record as being opposed to it. It seems to me, the least beneficial proposal for any mass transit is one in which you duplicate, not initiate, existing service. More increased bus ridership would definitely be proven by establishing a completely new line rather than piggybacking on an existing line. That is just one reason why I am opposed.

This proposed project deserves more analysis, discussion and public input before anything is committed.

We should know the demand from the various outlying areas of Waukesha, Washington and perhaps even Racine counties before this Milwaukee County service is established. We know taxpayer dollars will be involved and you should make the most effective, efficient decision in establishing any mass transit service. At a minimum I hope you vote to delay any action until other productive alternatives are explored.

Judy Randall


Keep ban on commercial vehicle driveway parking

Dear Editor:

Former council member Bernie Grimm's statement, in the May 26 issue, about commercial vehicles continually parking in resident's driveways is 100 percent correct.

If alderman change the existing zoning code, they will begin to hear many complaints from constituents. Commercial vehicles are not welcome for lengthy stays in our residential areas. As Mr. Grimm states, there are 'still plenty of people in Wauwatosa who agree with him.'

Residents do not want advertising on vehicles parked next door, or on their block, every day and every night.

People make a conscious choice to live in residential areas vs. business districts. One wonders if Alderman Pantuso, who seems to favor changing the zoning code, spoke with anyone who has had a commercial vehicle parked near them for months or years at a time.

Many residential areas in Wauwatosa are very parklike. People moved to these areas for just that reason. Don't spoil our neighborhood's beauty. Keep ads out!

Please contact your alderperson to express your feelings. Let the council know that Alderman Pantuso does not speak for you and your neighborhood!

Jane and James Fischer


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