No parking in driveways

for commercial vehicles

Dear Edtior:

Former council member Bernie Grimm's statement, in the May 26th issue, about commercial vehicles continually parking in resident's driveways is 100 percent correct.

If aldermen change the existing zoning code, they will begin to hear many complaints from constituents. Commercial vehicles are NOT welcome for lengthy stays in our residential areas. As Mr. Grimm states, there are 'still plenty of people in Wauwatosa who agree with him.'

Residents do NOT want advertising on vehicles parked next door, or on their block, every day and every night.

People make a conscious choice to live in residential areas vs. business districts. One wonders if Alderman Pantuso, who seems to favor changing the zoning code, spoke with anyone who has had a commercial vehicle parked near them for months or years at a time.

Many residential areas in Wauwatosa are very parklike. People moved to these areas for just that reason. Don't spoil our neighborhood's beauty. Keep ads out!

Please contact your alderperson to express your feelings. Let the council know that Alderman Pantuso does NOT speak for you and your neighborhood!

Jane and James Fischer


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