We were Flocked.

Monday morning's light revealed 20 pink plastic critters scattered about our front yard, stuck in gardens, and peeking out of planters.

At the center of the display, the culprits left a calling card — a sign that said: 'Flamingos from Wauwatosa Avenue United Methodist Church.'

Starting in March, the church's God's Amazing, Never-ending Grace, or GANG, youth group offers congregants Flamingo Insurance, a $20 fee to prevent a flock from appearing in their front yard, explained Natalie Stumpner, the youth group's leader.

Without insurance, any congregant's yard is fair game over a four-week migration.

Sunday at dusk, 10 GANG members assembled at the church and headed out in a three-vehicle convoy with more than 90 flamingos and five addresses.

With as much stealth as teens can manage, the GANG would pull up at an address, fan out to flock the yard, attach an information packet to the front door, ring the doorbell and ditch it back to the cars bound for the next address.

The packet states a $15 fee would remove the flock the following Wednesday.

For an additional $5, a Flock recipient can target another victim's yard.

The frivolity does serve a higher purpose, Stumpner said. The flamingos raise about $1,000 towards GANG members participation in the Appalachia Service Project each summer, providing home repairs in central Appalachia.

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