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Why was the house torn down at Menomonee River Parkway and Concordia Avenue?

Issue: Our reader asked if there was any reason why the home and its back cottage were taken down.

Status: The house and cottage are now completely gone, with work this past week seemingly concentrated on preparing the land to be seeded for grass.

The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District is the lead agency for the work. Senior Project Manager Patrick Elliott said razing the structures is part of a program that identifies structures within the local watershed that have experienced repeated flooding. He said razing structures is one of several measures that are considered and decided upon and implemented in cooperation with the wishes of the property owner.

'We look at options including large storage basins, putting in walls and modifying the structure,' Elliott said. 'Another option, as in this case, is to acquire the property and remove it.'

Elliott emphasized that the agency provides options to the property owner, and it is the property owner who decides.

'If they simply want us to leave and do nothing, then that is what we do,' he said.

In this case, the homeowner chose to allow MMSD to acquire the property. DNR grant money was involved in the transaction.

MMSD will maintain the parcel while not allowing any other construction on it.

Elliott said there are about a dozen properties MMSD is looking at locally and about 1,000 properties across Milwaukee County.

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