The work of police officers likely includes responding to a number of unique circumstances — and it Wauwatosa, that includes ducklings.

According to a recent post published on the Wauwatosa Police Department's Facebook page, one member of the force, identified as officer Evan Olson, helped rescue seven young ducklings trapped in a storm sewer.

'It's a bird, it's a pla...oh wait, it really is a bird,' the post read.

The ducklings wandered across the street and got stuck in s storm sewer, according to the post.

The officer is pictured climbing down into a city storm sewer, plucking the ducklings from the mud below and placing them into a cardboard box. As of Tuesday afternoon, the post was shared 13 times and liked by more than 175 people.

'In the end, all were present and accounted for and reunited with their mother,' the post read.

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