When it comes to choosing the right bicycle, the possibilities are endless, said John Jensen, who owns Johnson's Cycle & Fitness on North Avenue in Wauwatosa.

There are bicycles with fat, knobby tires for riding during the winter months or for off-roading and there are bikes designed for 'totally smooth trails,' Jensen said. And then there are hybrid bicycles that fall somewhere in between.

Jensen said bicyclists should think about their cycling goals and match their bicycle choice to whichever type of riding they prefer. These days, however, bicycles and accessories can be easily tweaked to meet a rider's needs.

Fresh from a morning of adjusting bicycles and helmets for students at a Bike to School Day for the Wauwatosa School District, Jensen said these days it's fairly simple to adjust a helmet for a bicyclist; it takes merely minutes to ensure a helmet fits snugly thanks to user-friendly improvements.

For children, bicycles should be upgraded every few years to a bigger size so that riding feels comfortable.

'If you're an adult, you don't outgrow your bike,' he said. 'Kids do outgrow them.'

The handlebars should be within an easy, comfortable reach and seats should be adjusted to the proper height, he said.

And men's and women's bicycles fit differently, according to the respective body types. Women usually have longer legs, said Jensen, so be mindful of that when purchasing a bicycle.

To change up a biking routine, Jensen noted that tandem bicycles are a fun option. The bicycles allow more than one person to ride at the same time as they're usually equipped with two seats. Converters that strap on to the back of a bike allow an adult to ride with a younger child in tow, he said.

'A lot of people are getting back into bicycling,' he said.

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