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When will 92nd Street north of Capitol Drive be repaved?

Issue: That's what one city resident wanted to know about the roadway that divides Wauwatosa and Milwaukee.

Our reader asked us in an email: 'When are the city of Milwaukee and the city of Wauwatosa going to jointly replace the stretch of 92nd Street from Capitol Drive to Hampton Avenue?'

Status:The work is scheduled to be done during 2017, said Public Works Director Bill Porter. The work, he said, will be managed and completed by the city of Milwaukee. Wauwatosa will pay for its half of the road, roughly a one-mile stretch.

The work also will involve much more than repaving.

'The road will be taken down to the base, all new curbs and sidewalks and whatever utility work is required,' Porter said. 'I imagine it will start after the last frost of that year.'

Porter did not know the targeted completion date.

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