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Will the city enforce the code prohibiting commercial vehicles parking overnight in residential driveways?

Issue: Our reader asked that question, frustrated that he has not been able to get an answer from city officials. He is concerned that Municipal Code 24.11.060.C is not being enforced.

In his e-mail, our reader asked, 'What is the solution to eliminate these commercial vehicles parked outside of garages so we can continue to preserve and maintain the attractiveness and value of residential neighborhoods/properties?'

Status: Code Enforcement Officer Joe Tillman said the city is enforcing the no commercial vehicle rule, adding that it is not always easy to identify all the violations. He said inspections are made after the city is alerted.

'We go out and inspect on that basis,' Tillman said. He added that violations carry a $50 fine for the first offense, $100 for the second and can run up to $400 or more for multiple violations.

'We allow for 10 business days for compliance,' he said. Property owners who do not comply are billed on their next property tax statement.

Inspections are made on weekdays, during the work day, so some violators may not be detected, Tillman said. He also said the city has discussed the possibility of towing vehicles that fall in the multiple violation category.

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