Principal Calarco should

be offered forgiveness

Dear Editor:

I am sad to hear the condemning rhetoric toward Wauwatosa West High School Principal Frank Colarco for what some have called a racist remark. In the shortsighted and seemingly self-righteous or self-satisfying comments in recent opinion letters to Wauwatosa Now people are demanding Colarco step down as he must be unfit to lead.

I have another idea. It provides growth, understanding, and unity; how about truly forgiving. We rarely try this anymore. Apologies these days are simply greater means for further condemnation and mob rule control. How about the two parties involved coming together to learn, understand, and grow together from the incident. What a great demonstration to all this would be! Forgiveness is the lost virtue of our day.

I have taught my children, no grudges; you awaken every day with no burden of hate bearing down on you. Principal Colarco will certainly gain much from this and be a much better principal than he was before, and his kids will greatly benefit from this. The young man, and maybe many in a community, also will gain much and lessen the burden of hate. This is really nothing trivial.

I have to share an example of a condemned man Jameel McGee who wrongfully served four years in Benton Harbor, Michigan, when a police officer needing an arrest planted evidence that convicted him. Later to be found innocent the imprisoned man was released from prison and the officer was released from his job. The touching reality is now the two work together and forgiveness has moved them both past what anyone could have imagined, and they speak to young people about the power of humanity. Visit

Hmmm, the power of forgiveness — get some. The last word of a condemned man wrongfully tied to a cross was forgive. It's all he asked from us — that we owe to each other. Nikita Khrushchev, speaking to President Kennedy, predicted the demise of America will come from within. The current path we are on may soon prove he was correct. Our culture needs a direct turnabout. Let's give this a try for once.

John Geertsen


Calarco's actions speak

louder than words

Dear Editor:

I have followed the story about Frank Calarco, the principal at Wauwatosa West High School, with interest, and feel that I have some insight to share. My wife and I have been blessed with four incredible children who all graduated from Tosa West beginning in 1995. During that time we have had the opportunity to interact with many principals. They were all good administrators, but I think that Principal Calarco stands out from the rest.

Where was he when this happened? He was in a classroom. He has made it a point to spend more time in the halls and classrooms than his predecessors did and in my opinion the positive results can be seen as you walk through the school. He goes out of his way to interact with and challenge students on an individual basis. Frank does not see color, he sees kids; kids' lives that he sincerely wants to improve.

In this era of people going out of their way to be offended by different things, I find these students' actions troubling. Principal Calarco is being persecuted for words, while perhaps insensitive, taken in a way that they were not intended. Rather than protest him, why not protest the rampant drug use by fellow students, the ineffective teachers that don't really care, the students who go out of their way to be disruptive, or some of the curriculum that has been chosen for them that will impact their futures?

I believe actions really do speak louder than words.

Don Soderberg


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