Jeff Roznowski's

service is honored

Dear Editor:

April 19 marked the final day of Jeff Roznowski's second term as alderman of Wauwatosa's 6th District.

Many of you know Jeff in his now-former role of local elected official, but we know him best as a loving father, devoted husband, and proud grandpa. We are his family: Diane, his wife; Lauren and Mike, Matt, and Emily, his children and son-in-law; and Harper, his one-year-old granddaughter.

We want to share with you how proud we are of him for devoting more than five years of his life to serving the people and businesses of our community. We have never known anyone who loves and cares about the city of Wauwatosa and its residents more than Jeff.

Few can match his passion, enthusiasm, and respect for public service. When constituents called, emailed, and visited to share a concern, comment, or idea, he listened, treated people with respect, and did anything in his power to help. During committee and common council meetings, he asked tough questions, provided thoughtful ideas, and advocated for his district.

Jeff has been serving our community in many ways for many years.

Last month marked the 25th anniversary of the Blarney Run, a 5K run/walk benefiting the Wauwatosa Historical Society. Jeff has served as the volunteer race director for close to all of those 25 years.

Have you taken your kids to Hoyt Park to go swimming in recent years? Or grabbed a cold beer with your spouse or friends at The Landing? As a board member of Friends of Hoyt Park & Pool, Jeff was an instrumental leader who brought people together to turn a vision into the treasure we know it as today.

Or maybe you've taken time to check out the new Tosa Skatepark (or skated there yourself!). Jeff was a leading advocate and strong partner in this project, working closely with the Doyle family and Tosa Skateboarders United to help secure financial support. Now, hundreds of kids and teens have a new place where they can be safe, express themselves, and have fun. Jeff also has spent countless hours working with parents and schools to ensure the safety of children as they walk to school, through the Safe Routes to School program.

We wish we had more room to celebrate Jeff's many contributions to our city beyond this short list — such as spearheading the Tosa Green Summit and related sustainability initiatives, rehabilitating and renovating the Little Red Store, and creating a better business climate in MidTown Tosa — but most of all, we want to let him know we love him and are so very, very proud of him.

Thank you, Jeff, for making Wauwatosa an even better place to live, work, start a business, and raise a family.

The Roznowski family

Calarco's comments make him unfit principal

Dear Editor:

If West principal, Frank Calarco, has been quoted correctly, he must be replaced. He has destroyed his ability to lead Wauwatosa West. His comment, spoken in jest, shows a mindset. A mindset in which blacks are now treated with more courtesy, but that they still are 'different'. Apologies are not adequate in this situation, Mr. Calarco simply is not fit to lead a Wauwatosa school. For the sake of the black students, the non-black students, and the entire community, I hope the school board chooses someone a little less biased to replace Mr. Calarco.

Kenneth L. Kayser


School officials alarmist over voting in schools

Dear Editor:

A few thoughts regarding the suggestion that Wauwatosa Public Schools close on election days (April 26 Wauwatosa Now). While I sincerely think it is admirable and responsible to always think about the safety of students and staff, there has to be a point when you are so alarmist that you are not exercising some basic common sense. I would guess that citizens vote in public schools in every single city and town in the country, and that they have done so for the past 100 years. Has there ever been even one single incident at one single school in the entire 100 years when the safety of staff and students was at risk of being compromised?

If it really is a concern in our community, confine the taxpayer-funded voting process to one single secure room in each taxpayer-funded school, and have the door watched by a taxpayer-funded police aide. There is no need to give the students and teachers yet another day out of the classroom. This certainly seems like Wauwatosa creating a problem where a problem does not exist. Kids today have so many other things in life to be worried about, we don't need to give them anxiety issues about the incredibly important right to vote.

Dan Jones


Abandoned animal brought to safety

This is a story about Wauwatosa police, good neighbors and dog lovers all working together to help a young pit bull.

This story took place recently along Menomonee River Parkway and Hillside Avenue. It was about a four-hour ordeal on a rainy, cold, late afternoon into the evening. Several dedicated people worked hard to help this pup. How did the pit bull get into this situation? Abandoment, pure and simple.

A woman was jogging along the parkway and say a red truck open the truck door and release the dog. The truck sped away, leaving the frantic dog to run into the woods. Watching the truck drive off, the jogger stayed with the dog and tried to gently coax the dog to her. Afraid, the dog ran along the river howling and barking. Two cyclists stopped and assisted to no avail. A neighbor called and asked if I could also come down to help. I talked to the cyclists — a woman with her nephew — who said that the jogger called thje Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission, but they were busy with an injured animal, would not be there for some time and had only one volunteer. We tried treats, but they did not work. By this time the female jogger returned with her car, dog treats and her dog Larry, but they were unable to corral the lose dog.

I called the Wauwatosa police and within 10 minutes a squad car was there. The police were very responsive and ready to bring the dog to safety. With a pole with a noose attached, one officer attempted to collar her. She ran but always came back to the same spot.

Finally the dog was coaxed in to the jogger's car with treats. The car's owner waited for MADACC.

A special thanks to you Ms. Jogger and your best friend Larry.

Cindy Wilburth


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