Christ King

Christ King will host its annual High Interest day, Discovery Day, on Friday, May 6. The usual classes are set aside, and guest presenters are invited to school to share their stories, talents and expertise. A variety of activities will be offered to students, including rock climbing, wheelchair sports, Irish dance and more.


Eisenhower Elementary School had its all-school Morning Meeting this week. The third-grade students facilitated the meeting, which had the theme of 'kindness.' In first grade, students learned how illustrations could help good readers understand details and events from stories.


Recently, the senior kindergarten students at Jefferson studied ancient Egyptian ceramics in art class. They were inspired by an box of mysterious clay they found in the art room. They opened it up and inside with the clay was a description of some ancient clay artifacts in the form of pendants and beads called 'Egyptian paste.' They were made over 4,000 years ago and were still a bright turquoise blue. The class discussed how archeologists dig up art along with tools and other things that people used long ago. For many years, it was not known how the beautiful clay was formulated, but now it has been discovered that the glaze (a glass coating for clay) was mixed into the clay before the firing. The student bead and pendant creations look much like those from ancient Egypt!


May brings upon us 'Better Speech & Hearing Month.' With that quickly approaching, we can't think of a better time to share the great things speech therapy can bring to the classroom to benefit all learners. One of the most beneficial things speech pathologists can bring to the classroom is to support the learning of cause and effect. Lincoln Elementary is engaging students to explain their thinking every step of the way and speech pathologists are an active part of understanding and expressing those ideas.


Madison Elementary was one of about 50 Milwaukee-area schools lucky enough to try out Google Expeditions, a smartphone application with more than 120 360-degree images from the Taj Mahal to Teepees. How is it used? The smartphone is tucked into a cardboard viewfinder called Google Cardboard. The cardboard viewfinder turns the split-screen smartphone images into a three-dimensional virtual reality experience. As students are experiencing their virtual surroundings, a teacher reads from a script explaining the historical, biological or geographical significance of the image. In their minds, the students were combing through ancient ruins or swimming through a coral reef. For Madison Elementary to be able to continue this learning opportunity, the school would like to have 25 Android phones, with chargers, 3-years-old or newer, donated for student use. The cell phones do not need data or cell plans. Thank you for supporting Madison Elementary.


In writing, students will be putting fairy tale characters on trial while the other students act as jurors to determine the innocence or guilt of those characters. This will be used as an introduction to understanding different perspectives of characters. Students will then be creating fractured fairy tales.

Pilgrim Lutheran

Students in grades five through seven will be going to the art museum on May 5. Second-, third- and fourth-graders will make a trip to Discovery World on May 13, and eighth-graders will go there on June 3. There is no school on Friday, May 27, and Monday, May 30.


In physical education classes at Roosevelt, students have been working on 'striking' skills. These are skills that involve the use of an implement (bat/stick/paddle) to strike a stationary and/or moving target. Students practiced skills and learned lead-up games in floor hockey, baseball/softball, scooter hockey and golf. The upper elementary kids also will learn and play the game of pickle ball. The fourth- and fifth-grade students also just completed a two-week roller-blading unit.


Fifth-graders have been very busy, as they are getting ready to transition to Whitman Middle School in a few months. They just finished their JA BizTown unit. JA BizTown is the name for Junior Achievement's experiential-based elementary school Capstone Program. The program encompasses important aspects of work readiness, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy. The program supports CCSS and key content areas including social studies, language arts, and mathematics. In math they have spent a lot of time learning about multiplication and division of fractions. Student discourse has improved tremendously as they are highly engaged in gritty math lessons.

Reading materials have lead the students through themes which include fairy tales, camping out, improving lives, and scientists at work. Each week they review a particular skill and strategy that engage readers. Social studies has been particularly exciting with class discussions of the American Revolution. In science, students are studying machines and motion. They're learning about advantages of machines and different aspects of machines.


On Thursday, May 19th the senior kindergarteners at Washington will have an awards night and fundraiser for the organization Nothing But Nets. At this event, students also will put on a program featuring their research projects.

Wauwatosa Catholic

K4 through eighth-grade students will be taking field trips to Paradise Farm in West Bend. The first-grade class visited the farm on Tuesday, April 26. While there, they talked about changes that they noticed since their last visit. The first graders helped ready the farm for the new season. One group helped turn soil and get a pen ready for piglets.

Wauwatosa Montessori

Children's House children continued to plant seeds and finish their Arbor Day art project. Lower Elementary students studied the timeline of plants and talked about the circle of life after a classroom pet died. Upper Elementary students worked on poetry and persuasive essays about the environment. Thye Adolescent Program students finished Mindset and are writing about what it means to be successful. They are also exploring proportional relationships and solving equations involving proportions.


The Wilson first-graders have been building their vocabulary as they practice antonyms and synonyms. The third-graders have been working on determining an author's message in a text. They have been challenging themselves to support thinking with text-based evidence.

Rec Department

The Wauwatosa Recreation Deopartment will be partnering with Milwaukee Textile Recycling to hold another Clothes/Textile Recycling Drive on Saturday, May 14, at the department. Visit for more information.

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