Doughnuts. Ice cream. Chocolate.

The three desserts are arguably tasty on their own, but thanks to a new collaborative creation arriving at East Tosa's Indulgence Chocolatiers, 6538 W. North Ave., dessert lovers can have all three at once.

The Wauwatosa chocolate shop has announced it will now offer a new take on the ice cream sandwich — coined the 'Cranky Sammie.'

The dessert is comprised of a yeast doughnut from Cranky Al's, 6901 W. North Ave., a choice of 16 flavors from Purple Door Ice Cream of Milwaukee and toppings from Indulgence Chocolatiers.

The sweet treat can be purchased for $6.50, which includes one topping. Extra toppings will be $1 each, Waterman said.

One possible combination could include graham cracker ice cream, topped with Indulgence's dark chocolate sea salt sauce, honey marshmallow cream and toffee schnibbles, according to Brian Waterman of Indulgence Chocolatiers.

Or, try a Cranky Sammie filled with salted caramel ice cream and topped with dark chocolate sea salt sauce and toasted pecans.

The Cranky Sammie will only be offered for a limited time on Saturdays and Sundays while supplies last, beginning April 30. Waterman said if the item is popular, it's likely the treat will make it on the regular weekend menu.

Waterman said Indulgence Chocolatiers is particularly excited about the new doughnut ice cream sandwich because it's a collaboration of local businesses.

'Each of the three businesses represented in the Cranky Sammie make delicious sweets on their own, but putting all those sweets together into a single menu item makes a pretty amazing local dessert,' he said.

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