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The Wauwatosa All-City Band Festival will be held at 7 p.m. April 26 at the State Fair Park Exposition Center. This concert will feature Wauwatosa's fifth- through 12th-grade band program.

The elementary bands will combine to perform selections 'Linus and Lucy,' 'Scooby Doo' and, of course, 'Let's Go Band.'

The combined middle school selections include Sousa's 'Washington Post' and 'The Best of Queen.'

The Tosa East and Tosa West marching bands will join together to perform upbeat tunes such as 'Uptown Funk' and their respective high school songs.

The nearly 900 band students will conclude the evening's performance with the grand finale, our state song, 'On, Wisconsin!'

Admission and street parking is free. Parking is available at State Fair Park for $6 by entering through Gate 4.

East High School

The musical theater class will perform 'Songs for a New World' at 7 p.m. June 3-5 at the Hart Park Rotary Pavilion. Admission is free.


The second grade invited Wauwatosa's city administrator, Jim Archambo, to Eisenhower to talk about how the community has changed over time.

The class viewed photos from Wauwatosa when it was just a small village and learned about how all the changes have come about to make the community what it is today.

The lower primary grades also participated in a community project centered on Earth Day. The students decorated reusable shopping bags for Metcalfe's Sentry store, which were given to customers on Earth Day.


On April 28, STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) students will attend Physics Day at Great America. They will be involved in presentations, educational activities, demonstrations, contests, hands-on exhibits and more through the park's educational partners. Students will learn the laws of physics in motion and discover how math and science apply to amusement park excitement.


Since starting composting in fall 2015, McKinley has been able to make major changes to the environment. The school has been able to divert 11,225 pounds of material from the city's landfill.

Parents, students, and staff took a field trip to the composting facility in Caledonia on Monday, April 18. Students were able to better understand the entire process, from Dumpster to dirt. They learned more about the steps of the composting process, and the science, math and hands-on work that creates soil.


The fifth grade is diving into a plethora of figurative language. This is in anticipation of the students' poetry unit.

Students also are continuing presentations of the Loyalists and the Patriots in history class, giving the students a deeper understanding of the Revolutionary period in the formation of our country.


In music, Underwood students learned Earth Day songs in celebration of Earth Day on April 22. On April 29, the first-graders will perform an Earth Day song for an Arbor Day celebration outside as the school plants a new tree.

Elementary orchestra students are eagerly working toward their spring concert in May. Fifth-grade orchestra students are busy working on short compositions and challenging themselves on harder music for their concert. Fourth-grade orchestra students are learning how to slur with their bow, read pitches and rhythms more accurately, and play simple rounds during lessons.

Fifth-grade band students are busy preparing for their upcoming concerts. First up is the All-City Band Festival on April 26. This Second is the Underwood spring concert at 7 p.m. Tuesday, May 17. Band students also are learning to play two different types of scales on their instruments, a major scale and a chromatic scale.

Wauwatosa Montessori

Children's House students planted seeds and look forward to seeing them sprout and grow. They also learned the effects of water erosion on rocks and glass in Lake Michigan.

Lower elementary students earned money for Heifer International and decided to buy one llama, one alpaca and several honeybees to benefit families in South America.

Upper elementary students planted seeds to grow under the classroom grow lights until they can be planted in the outside gardens. They also researched topics for Earth Day persuasive essays.

Adolescent Program students have successfully reached their fundraising goal to fund their trip to Door County.

Whitman MS

Students in the Whitman STEM program participated in Weather Day at Miller Park. Meteorologists from Storm Team 4 presented a lesson that included interactive trivia and experiments for the students before the afternoon baseball game.


WSTEM second and third grades are involved in a science fair project on mixtures and solutions, which they will present to the kindergarten class. Students have made trifolds, prepared experiments to present, and even came up with activities, such as sorting mixtures, for the class to participate in while they are at their presentation.

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