Nearly one week after Wauwatosa Alderman Dennis McBride announced he would step down from his position as common council president, a successor was named.

Cheryl Berdan, who has served as an alderwoman for the last seven years, was voted in to the position by her peers on the common council April 19.

'Wauwatosa is such a great-run city, and the common council works together really well,' Berdan said. 'I just wanted to offer what gifts I have to help with that.'

Berdan said the position is not one with a lot of power, but it is an important one; part of the duties entail running committee of the whole meetings and common council meetings when the mayor is not present and serving as a liaison between city staff and elected officials.

'I've always been told I was a good facilitator,' said Berdan, who represents the city's 7th District. 'I like communication to be real smooth, and although it is, I thought I could enhance that between the council and the city and the constituents.'

Aldermen James Moldenhauer and Craig Wilson also ran for the seat. In the first round of voting April 19, Moldenhauer received three votes, Berdan six and Wilson seven. Berdan and Wilson moved on to the second round of voting where they received nine and seven votes, respectively.

The presidency position carries a two-year term.

In an email to colleagues April 11, Dennis McBride said other aldermanic duties and civic endeavors requiring more of his time weighed into his decision to step down.

'Turning over the president's job is an easy choice,' the email said. 'No one owns the position, and it's important for others to have the opportunity to serve as president and as council representative for other positions.'

McBride, a 4th District alderman, served as council president for two two-year terms.

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