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What types of pavers will be used in the new village streetscaping project?

Issue: A resident who has lived near the Village for more than 35 years wants to know.

"The sad condition of the existing red pavers is not only an eyesore, it makes the area look neglected and I'm sure is a liability issue," he wrote. "Check it out for yourself."

Status:Our reader is correct. A random inspection turned up many examples of disheveled pavers, uneven and buckling places throughout the Village area. The good news is the city will be replacing those pavers with something far more durable, said David Jaeckels, the city's project manager and construction communication liaison.

"The pavers (are) being used for the streetscape project, and not in any way similar to the red decorative landscape pavers currently used along the sidewalks and crosswalk areas of the Village," Jaeckels said. "The engineers and designers have selected a paver project that is attractive, durable and appropriate for this use and environment, and helps create the desired European place space requested in the public meetings."

The surface paver, he said, is 4 inches wide by 12 inches long and four inches deep and has "8,000-per-square-inch compressive strength."

Including a combination of granite, quartz or marble based on the color, the light grey pavers with dark grey, tan and black accents will mimic the appearance of traditional granite cobblestone, Jaeckels said.

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