A new female red panda recently arrived at the Milwaukee County Zoo.

Named 'Dr. Erin Curry' after the reproductive physiologist who tracked the pregnancy via ultrasound, resulting in the female cub, the red panda is about 9 months old.

Born in June 2015 at the Cincinnati Zoo, Dr. Erin Curry is active and inquisitive, according to a news release from the zoo. The red panda was recently introduced to her outdoor area and she is 'very interested' in her keepers and in exploring the new area.

Dr. Erin Curry has been paired with the zoo's male red panda, Dash, who is about 4 years old. Dash is reportedly interested in his new partner, and Dr. Erin Curry is tolerant of him. The zoo hopes the pair will eventually breed when the female reaches reproductive age, at about 18 months, according to the release.

Dr. Erin Curry and Dash can be seen on outdoor exhibit together daily, and are most active when the temperatures are mild, according to the release. The best times to see them are between 10 a.m. and noon and 3 and 4:30 p.m.

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