The Education Foundation of Wauwatosa, an organization that promotes innovation and opportunities in local public schools by raising and distributing money, announced it has awarded more than $41,255 for nine grants to be implemented during the 2016-17 school year.

Since its inception in 1990, EFW has awarded more than $620,000 to fund nearly 350 grants that enhance the established curriculum and support projects that are beyond the Wauwatosa School District's budget.

The recipients and the projects are as follows:

·Join the T.E.A.M., Tolerance, Empathy and Acceptance Matters! $1,685, Underwood Elementary School: Corinne Meyer and Joel Marinan at Underwood Elementary School will buy books, posters and games. These items will be shared with all Underwood staff and used to create an atmosphere that promotes a welcoming environment with messages of diversity for all students.

·Middle School Battle of the Books, Phase II $3,600, Longfellow and Whitman middle schools: Tracy Eccles and Jane Storts at Longfellow and Whitman will buy books with the money. The books will be used to extend the Battle of the Books experience at Whitman and provide a competitive academic experience between the two schools.

·Independence Place: life skills learning for your future, $2,000, Next Steps Community Transition Services: Chris Jackson at Next Steps Community Transition Services will buy storage units and household and hygiene items with the money. Those items will be used to teach young adults with disabilities how to make guided decisions to function safety and effectively within their living spaces.

·Library Makerspace, $17,200, all libraries in the Wauwatosa School District: Tracy Eccles and Jane Storts will buy materials to create a makerspace in each library within the district. A makerspace is a learning environment where students can design and create together. While using items like Legos, craft materials, tools and art supplies, the students will be able to inquire, create, collaborate, tinker, mentor, experiment, invent and solve problems.

·Ukulele in the elementary general music classroom, $770, Eisenhower Elementary School:Shannon Pahl at the elementary school will purchase ukuleles, cases and tuners with the money. While learning how to play the ukuleles, students in the fifth-grade general music classes will be able to apply music concepts in an authentic situation and be encouraged to become independent musicians.

·Educators Enhancing Engagement, $2,500, Lincoln Elementary School: Linda Landis and Janette Wenzel at Lincoln Elementary will buy wiggle chairs for the tables and wobble cushions and fidgets for the classroom carpets and floor area. Through the use of these items, Lincoln teachers will be able to help students stay engaged.

·Brain, body and beyond, using movement to ensure high levels of learning for all, $6,500, Jefferson Elementary School: Aspen Verink and Linda Dusel at Jefferson will buy standing desks, rounded stools, ball chairs and hand and foot fidgets. Through the use of these items, Jefferson teachers will be able to proactively design instruction and students can choose flexible seating, standing and movement options to increase attention and promote active engagement.

·Dynamic Classroom Design, Learning My Way, $2,500, Underwood Elementary School: Mary Hahn and Sabine Desmore at Underwood Elementary will purchase standing workstations, stools and chair bands. Through these items, teachers will be able to provide more differentiated individual learning and work styles and students will have more choice in their learning style.

·Universal Strategies for all learners, $4,500, Eisenhower Elementary School: Sarah Sallmann and Landa Evers will buy flexible furniture and movement and sensory materials. Through these items, Eisenhower teachers will have additional flexibility with how they allow movement in their classrooms and will increase learning outcomes.

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