Eisenhower students showed their spirit by participating in Eisenhower Spirit Week, April 11-15. The student body voted, and the dress-up days were as follows: Monday, Pajama Day; Tuesday, Beach Day; Wednesday, Stuffed Animal Day; Thursday, Future Career Day; Friday, Color Day.


Jefferson fourth-graders are learning about state government and will be celebrating Earth Day with a field trip to the Capitol.


Dr. Anthony Meyer, medical director at Aurora Psychiatric Hospital, spent some time talking with the staff about student concerns teachers face every day in the classroom. He explained what a student may be experiencing, why, and gave suggestions on how to best work with the him or her. His detailed explanation and information gives teachers a path to work from, especially when teachers feel their classroom tactics are no longer effective.


Fifth-grade students presented their Wax Museum project at the April 11 Wauwatosa School Board meeting. The Wax Museum is a project-based activity integrating reading, writing, speaking, listening, social studies and technology benchmarks. Students researched famous Americans, created a multimedia presentation and speech, and 'came to life' as that person. In addition to their presentation, students answered questions about the project presented by board members.


Sixth-grade English recently concluded its poetry unit with a celebration of student writing at a Poetry Cafe. Students were asked to select an original poem to read to the audience as they enjoyed hot cocoa, tea, and snacks. Parents, administration, staff and students enjoyed an hour of poetry together.


Senior kindergartners are learning how to conduct research to help them understand more about a topic. This week they are working on the theme All About Pets and are looking to supplement their background knowledge with more information by doing research. They will write about their findings.

First-graders are learning about insects, mammals, birds and reptiles in science. They will study their characteristics and how they survive in their habitats.


The fourth-graders are working on descriptive writing. They have been working on descriptive speeches, character comparisons, and engaging descriptive posters. The students will be creating the posters for High Interest Day, to invite students to their chosen classrooms. The fourth-grade students also have been working on division and measurement.

Our Redeemer Lutheran

Our Redeemer will hold a summer class the week of July 13-17. This class will focus on construction with Lego bricks in a method called 'Brixology.' The morning classes will address STEM education and allow students the opportunity to participate in collaborative engineering challenges to solve real-word problems and develop team-building skills. Call the school office for more information (414) 258-4558. Classes will fill up fast.


Fourth-grade students at Roosevelt recently tried their hands at being electrical engineers. As part of a science unit on electricity, students had to design and build a device that could turn on and off, provide light, and was portable. In other words, a flashlight. Communicating scientific ideas and problem solving were a big part of the learning process.


In fourth-grade, students are deepening their understanding of each other, the community, and the world around us. Students had the opportunity to engage in a cross-curricular inquiry project centered around how people use energy. Students created 'thick' questions and researched on their Chrome books to analyze and synthesize information. Math lessons have incorporated more 'Math Talk,' and students are gaining confidence in verbalizing Math reasoning.


The junior Kindergarten students are excited to be learning the 26th and last letter of the alphabet Zz.

Wauwatosa Catholic

The April awards program was held on Wednesday, April 20. Forty students from grades five to eight were honored for making the honor roll. Nine students achieved a straight A average. Twenty-seven students from grades K3 through 8 were honored as the IB Students of the month. These students exemplified the IB attribute of 'Reflective.' They have shown that they think about what has been learned, what they are good at, and where improvement is needed.

Wauwatosa Montessori

Children's House students decorated Earth Bags for Metcalfe's Market, examined the parts of a tree using the saplings received for Arbor Day and continued to work on short and long chain bead counting. Lower Elementary students presented their cultural assignments to parents and researched different animal prints to see which one matched the one found on the playground.

Upper Elementary students started their poetry work, worked on long division, continued their human body, animal and plant studies. They also learned about the cycle of life, as their classroom turtle passed away. Adolescent Program students chose a CEO and two CFOs for AP Inc. using job descriptions that were created, resumes written and interviews done within the class.


Wauwatosa East and West HOSA students competed at the State Leadership Conference in Wisconsin Dells on April 10 - 12. This was the largest conference to date with over 1000 other members in attendance. HOSA is an organization of future health professionals.


The theme in Wilson SK for this unit in science is Traits of Living Things. Students are observing, predicting, and recording information about the germination process of lima beans. It has been a very fun unit!

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