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Was there a gas leak in the village on March 10?

Issue: A reader asked that question in the following statement:

'There was a strong smell of rotten eggs noticed in several separate places within the village,' our reader wrote. 'It was also observed that there were several emergency vehicles patrolling the area. At approximately 2 to 3 in the morning there was a loud noise from the sewer. Has the State Street Station project construction broken part of the city's sewer system?'

Status:The city's Public Works Department said there was no report of a gas leak or other incident at the State Street Station project or anywhere else at that time. We Energies officials, however, said they were contacted by representatives of a local manufacturer of biomedical, organic and chemical products with a site in Milwaukee's Menomonee Valley. MilliporeSigma (formerly Sigma-Aldrich) alerted the utility that a 'purge' of materials at that same time may have caused an odor similar to a gas leak.

We Energies officials would not elaborate or comment on whether the issue was related to the odor experienced in Wauwatosa, approximately five miles away.

MilliporeSigma released this statement:

'There was an odor that emanated from our Millipore Sigma Emmber Lane facility in Milwaukee on March 10. A piece of equipment that neutralizes odors was not operating at peak efficiency. The issue was discovered immediately and has since been rectified.'

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