As the spring election nears, races have taken shape for prominent seats in Wauwatosa, including on the Wauwatosa Common Council, the Wauwatosa school board and the Milwaukee county board.

It's a peculiar election season in Wauwatosa; despite a large number of seats appearing on ballots come April 5, there are only two contested races, and both are for spots on the city's common council.

April 5 also marks a presidential primary in Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Government Accountability Board has predicted a high voter turnout of 40 percent for the spring election.

A 40 percent turnout — or about 1.75 million of Wisconsin's 4.44 million eligible voters — would be the highest in a presidential primary since 1980, when 45 percent of the electorate voted.

Donald Trump and the contested Wisconsin Supreme Court race between Rebecca Bradley and JoAnne Kloppenburg are expected to bring an influx of voters to the polls.

Voters must show photo identification before receiving a ballot and will be allowed to vote for candidates in one party only.

For information on forms of identification that are acceptable, visit

Milwaukee county board

Elections for two county supervisor seats. Each seat carries a two-year term, effective in 2016. Terms were previously four years long.

District 6: inc. Jim Luigi Schmitt

District 15: inc. Eddie Cullen

City of Wauwatosa

Elections for mayor and eight aldermanic seats. Each seat carries a four-year term.

Mayor: inc. Kathy Ehley

District 1:inc. James Moldenhauer

District 2: inc. John Dubinski

District 3: Joe Johnson, Nancy Welch

District 4:inc. Dennis McBride

District 5: inc. Joel Tilleson

District 6: Kelly K. Rifelj, Craig Wentzel

District 7: inc. Cheryl Berdan

District 8: inc. Jason Wilke

Both candidates for the city's sixth district are write-in candidates. The write-in candidate that receives the highest number of votes will win the seat. If there is no write-in winner, the common council will appoint an alderperson.

Wauwatosa school board

Elections for three school board seats. Each seat carries a three-year term.

Seat 1: Shawn Rolland

Seat 2: inc. Mike Meier

Seat 3: Emily Kenney

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