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Why were the Meonomonee River Parkway's center stripes moved?

Issue: A reader asked that question, referring to the road markings north of the Currie Dog Park. The reader also asked why the old markings were not better covered up.

'The original lines look like they were in the correct spot to begin with, the reader wrote. 'It looks like there are two sets of center road markings. The road looks awful now!'

Status: Sarah Toomsen, manager of planning and development for Milwaukee County Parks, and the project manager for the entire parkway redesign and reconstruction, said the original striping 'did not go per plan.'

'The striping had to be changed to allow for one side of parking,' Toomsen said. She added that the original paint had to be peeled off and the county did the best that could be done at the time.

She noted that the original marking should wear over time. During the last stage of road work, the county is inspecting all aspects of the project in case any adjustments need to be made.

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