Welch is the right choice for Tosa District 3 seat

Dear Editor,

I am writing to express support for Nancy Welch as 3rd District alderwoman.

I have known Nancy as a neighbor and friend since our family moved into the 3rd Aldermanic District of Wauwatosa. Nancy's experience dealing with complex issues affecting our city and our neighborhoods is unrivaled by any aldermanic candidate. As our neighbor, whether in the role of city employee or concerned citizen, Nancy has shown passionate commitment to involvement in city issues and to sharing critical information that helps residents stay informed. My neighbors and I have personally benefited from Nancy's willingness to walk us through the village development processes and to show us what type of impact upcoming proposals would have on our community and on us as property owners. We need experienced people like Nancy to help our local government stay transparent and be responsible to the community it serves.

As a 20-year resident of Wauwatosa, I am concerned about the recent rush of development plans with the potential to alter the look and feel of our city and village. At this juncture, it is critical to have a representative with true working knowledge of city policy. Nancy brings that to the role along with an educated and informed development vision. She takes a long-term view of its impact on property tax values, tax base and quality of life.

I encourage residents of District 3 to support Nancy Welch for Alderwoman.

Sue Martin


Welch has the experience required for the council

Dear Editor,

As a former 3rd District Alderman in Wauwatosa, I am endorsing Nancy Welch as alderwoman in the April 5 election. Issues in the 3rd District include residential safety, increasing traffic and increasing development on the County Grounds. Furthermore, controlling our residential taxes is always a challenge and priority. Nancy has the experience and understanding of these issues and will ask the right questions. She is a fiscal conservative and will represent the interests of the residential taxpayer.

High density business and residential development, both in the District and city-wide, has increased dramatically over the last few years. Is this development bringing increased tax revenue to the city? Are we losing our neighborhoods to some of these developments? Are the TIF bonds issued by the city necessary for the project or are we just making it easier for the developer? It will take more then 20 years for any increased taxes to pay back the money given to the developers up-front. These are some of the challenges Nancy will be able to address if she is elected. She has the experience and knowledge in city planning and development to make the right decision. She understands what alternatives are available.

Nancy Welch is very concerned with neighborhood safety and she will be dedicated to stopping the thefts, vandalism and personal injuries experienced by Ravenswood residents. She supports Neighborhood Watch and would be vigilant in having the police department be more active in the area.

I support Nancy Welch and I would encourage all 3rd District voters to also support her. Get out and vote for Welch on April 5!

John T. Randall


Vote to keep Abele

as county executive

Dear Editor:

As April 5 draws near, many of us are evaluating the candidates running for local office. Hopefully we as a community vote to keep moving Milwaukee County forward by re-electing Chris Abele. Anyone who has heard Abele speak knows he approaches issues as a problem-solver with a sincere interest in working for the good of the citizenry.

One of the things I very much appreciate are his efforts to work in a bipartisan manner to address issues. This has earned him some enemies. After watching the increasing gridlock in Washington over the past decade, anything we can do to avoid that here at the local level is a step in the right direction.

Another positive accomplishment is Abele's work to diminish county debt. In seeking to work with the Board to responsibly manage taxpayer dollars since taking office, Abele has moved $70 million from debt service to programming. Given the challenges our community faces, from homelessness to economic development to the domes, this transfer to service dollars is extremely important improvement to the county's fiscal management.

One final aspect of Abele's leadership that I value is the transparency he brings to government functions. The county website features an impressive amount of information about departmental functions and successes. For any topic of county government responsibility that one might be interested in, there is detailed information available.

In my opinion, the county executive position is not a job to Chris Abele, but a call to serve. An opportunity to put forward sound policy ideas to create constructive change in the county. I hope he will have four more years to continue his work.

Pam Fendt


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